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Support when you need to produce new academic regulations (or revise existing ones) at the Faculty of Arts.


Helping you to work with academic regulations

The aim of this website is to support and advise our academic staff and boards of studies in the task of revising existing academic regulations and producing new ones.

The decision to develop this website was made following the vice-dean’s review of the faculty’s degree programmes (see Completion of the review of degree programmes at the Faculty of Arts). The content of the website is based on: 

  • Textbooks in this field
  • Reports drawn up in connection with the review of degree programmes
  • Content taken from the website of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science
  • Good experience gained by departments at the Faculty of Arts
  • Guidelines drawn up by SNUK (Board of Studies Support and Degree Programme Quality Assurance) and CUDiM (the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media)

You can find the background material here.


The website contains guidelines for the production of academic regulations at the Faculty of Arts, including formal requirements, didactic recommendations, and information about the process involved.

The website consists of the following sections: 

  • Producing academic regulations, including templates and didactic recommendations
  • The process involved in working with academic regulations, including roles in the process
  • Formal rules, including requirements for academic regulations and decisions by the boards of studies

During the development of the website, feedback regarding its content and structure has been provided by boards of studies, degree programme boards, directors of studies, administrative staff and selected individuals including teachers and students.

Target group

The target group for the website comprises boards of studies, degree programme boards, working groups, teachers, students and administrative staff involved in the production and revision of academic regulations.


How to find academic regulations at the Faculty of Arts

All the faculty’s academic regulations can be accessed here, and the course catalogue can be found here.