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Process plan

Process plan

The process of producing academic regulations

The work with academic regulations is based on the process plan developed by the board of studies at the Faculty of Arts and SNUK. SNUK, the department at which the degree programme is based and other relevant parties in the process work closely to develop academic regulations. So please contact SNUK to start the process.

Each process may be different depending on the scope of the work. That is why the planning of the development process is always carried out in collaboration with SNUK, who can help assess the scope and duration of the process.

The process varies as the scope and content depend on, for instance:

  • The relevant department's wish for development.
  • Whether the department’s wish for development can be combined with system possibilities, resource use and policy requirements.
  • General standards of the existing academic regulations.
  • Time available to the parties involved in the process as well as their experience.
  • Degree of consensus at the relevant department on the academic direction and development of the academic regulations.