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Do you need any advice about how to develop academic regulations?

If you have any questions about the work involved in developing academic regulations at the Faculty of Arts, please feel free to contact SNUK at the following email address: arts.uddannelseskvalitet@au.dk.

SNUK can help you to find answers to specific questions about existing academic regulations, as well as questions about producing new academic regulations or changing old ones. 

Here are some examples of the kind of questions we can help you with:

  • When can I produce new academic regulations, and what’s the process involved?
  • I’m going to produce some new academic regulations. How do I get started, and who should I work with?
  • What’s involved in choosing the form of examination?
  • How should I assess the students based on the academic regulations applying to the course I am teaching?
  • Which rules do I need to consider when I produce new academic regulations?

What is SNUK?

SNUK is the Danish abbreviation for Board of Studies Support and Degree Programme Quality Assurance, which is part of Arts Studies Administration. SNUK’s objectives involve:

  • Supporting boards of studies and degree programme boards
  • Processing student applications for credit transfers and dispensation
  • Helping to develop and revise academic regulations
  • Supporting the ongoing and systematic quality work done by our boards of studies and degree programme boards
  • Coordinating and providing advice about legal and formal issues

SNUK has expertise and up-to-date insight with regard to legislation and rules in the field of education, process facilitation, options with regard to study administration, administrative issues, student cases, quality issues, and the university’s strategic decisions and objectives in the field of education.

SNUK has regular contact with many of the faculty’s students and academic staff, with the rest of the study administration in connection with the planning of teaching and exams and study and career guidance, and with co-examiners and employers. SNUK provides support for boards of studies across the entire faculty and collaborates with the whole of Aarhus University.

SNUK advises and serves the boards of studies, for instance in connection with memos and legal clarifications, guidelines and decision-making.